KressTM Technology
At the intersection of magnetics, power electronics, and networking

Kress Technology develops new technology at the intersection of magnetics, electronics, and networking.  We have built, analyzed, tested, and improved 29 prototype motor and drive systems to date, and we intend to keep pushing the capabilities of new materials and software for integrated, networked motor systems.


Computer control / Internet of Things

Field-replaceable stators 

Variable speed and torque over a wide range

Application-specific designs available




The mechanical structure of the 10 horsepower prototype Motor consists of two rotor disks and 12 individual stators housed in a cylindrical frame.  Each stator is laterally positioned between salient points on the rotor disk.  The stators are individually removeable and are field replaceable. No magnets are used in the P29 Prototype!

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The Drive uses IGBT modules to switch the current to the right stator at the right time. Additionally, the Drive monitors sensors in the motor, including shaft speed and position, temperature, vibration, and flux density. New developments in power electronics support the voltage / current levels required for higher horsepower motors.

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The Kress Motor and Drive System connects to factory automation systems or to a local laptop via a standard RJ-45 EtherNet connection or a RS-232 port.  Kress Technology is interested in working with factory automation systems providers to further develop the data exchange protocols for integration into wired or wireless networks.

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No magnets used in motor!


P29 Now In Testing Phase!

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